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  • What is the Christmas Marathon?
    The Christmas Marathon is a FREE festive challenge - Over 12 consecutive days you can choose to either run/walk 26.2 miles, or swim 10k or ride 100miles. No fee to enter, just a lot of fun and a great medal and Christmas Marathon t shirt available for purchase
  • How do I log in to my Active account?
    To logon you'll need your email and password you set for your Active registration. Please use this guide. To login to your Active account, please click here
  • How long do I have to complete the distance?
    Christmas Marathon is over 12 consecutive days. You can start on 14 Dec and finish 25 Dec, or you could start 25 Dec and finish 5 Jan. Or somewhere in between. The final day of the challenge is 5 January and you need to submit your time/result before 23:45 on 5 January.
  • Where can I do the Christmas Marathon?
    You can take part indoors or outside, in the gym or on trails, in a pool or in a safe, staffed swimming location. You can even do a mix of venues/locations. You decide.
  • When do I receive my merchandise purchased?
    When you enter Christmas Marathon, if you have purchsed the medal and / or t shirt, we'll send you these straight away. The medal will be marked in an envelope stating that it is ONLY to be opened once you have completed your challenge.
  • Can I fundraise for charity?
    Yes, absolutely! We'd love for you to fundraise for our charity partner Dementia UK, but equally you can fundraise for any charity.
  • How do I log my activity?
    You can log your activity on apps, trackers or manually To submit your result all you need is one image of your results - this could be a photo or screenshot of your app or paper record. If you do not wish to be included on the leaderboard, please submit your time as 59:59:59
  • Where and how do I submit my result?
    When you have completed your challenge, please take one image of your result (screenshot of your app/tracker or manual record) and submit it HERE. You will need your R-Number to submit your result. This can be found on your confirmation email. Time is recorded as hh:mm:ss This will add you to our leaderboard, once we have verified your result. If you do not want to submit a time or be included on the leaderboard - simply record your time as 59:59:59 If you are unable to find your confirmation email for your R-Number, please email us at and we'll let you know your number.
  • When do I have to complete my challenge AND submit my result by?
    You must complete your challenge by 23:45 5th January 2024. You must also submit your result by 23:45 5th January 2024. If you do not submit your result before this time, you will not be included in the results.
  • I can no longer take part, what do I do?
    If you have entered but no longer able to take part, then you don't need to do anything. If you didn't buy any merchandise or medals, then you will simply not submit your result. If you did buy merchadise or medals, then we will send you these as a matter of course. If you have not completed the challenge, you will not be listed on the leaderboard
  • Can I swap my t shirt size?
    You can exchange your t shirt for a different size. You will need to post (and pay) for a return and if the t shirt returned is unused and in good condition we'll send you your preferred size. No exchanges will be possible after 5 January 2024.
  • Can I get a refund?
    Refund and deferrals are not offered. The event is free to enter and any merchandise or medals purchased will be sent to you directly.
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